Not only $ 322 billion of assets and 20 million customers, real estate lending giants – Wachovia Corporation – September merger of First Union and Wachovia in 2001, not only to create a giant bank. See Also payday advance.

We “do not appear. In fact, we might be 10% of the domestic market in the short term, we are” from the First Union and to increase the share of more than 6% is not possible, why come, Managing Director, Bill Green has been said to lead the real estate capital markets department. “There is no limit to our platform.”

Wachovia $ 4.1 billion in funds, finished eighth in the survey directly to the top of the NREIlenders in 2001.

Integrated team, while the identification of new marketing opportunities work hard to implement best practices, and continues to explore the efficiency, post-merger integration process is complete, expected to be completed in two to three years is. However, so far, the merger has been welcomed in Win-Win, especially as it its real estate group for both parties.

“Wachovia, things. First Union there was a crossover and most First Union had,” said Green was not described.

In the example, the business capital markets of the bank when you compare the services and operations of two banks, executives have been merged is determined were made up from 5 percent of Wachovia and about 95% of the account of First Union. In the field of investment banking, First Union, had 85% market share of about 15 percent of Wachovia. Green will be added, real estate finance business of traditional Wachovia, have accounted for approximately $ 2.5 billion yen of the merged bank account, about 75%.

/ Corporate banking real estate finance and real estate investment: Traditional real estate financial services under the new system, the company is divided into two main categories. Check out also money loan alliance ohio.

Traditional real estate banking sector, offers a small pension fund managers, developers, and opportunities, investors, owners, and more.

Department / corporate investment banking, REIT, which provides a service to users of corporate real estate opportunity fund managers, and pension and large. See Also title loans xenia oh. In addition, among other services, providing mezzanine and Finance (CMBS) operating credit facility, commercial mortgage-backed securities. Check out also payday for anyone no brokers.

A month, Wachovia began national advertising campaign to promote the brand of the new Wachovia. The early stages of the campaign, Wachovia Securities, Wachovia Corporation will continue to promote under the brand name to provide, including real estate, retail brokerage services, corporate and investment banking.

Says Mike Slocum, executive vice president real estate, at the Wachovia, Financial services, the merger of 25 different office extends through the east coast from Connecticut to Florida now, and to strengthen the company’s position in the market.

The integration of the merger process to move smoothly, the immediate goal of Wachovia, now Wachovia, you can add to provide 6 percent of the country’s mortgage debt to the banking sector, 6%, according to Green, conduit sector is to increase the share 1700000000000 dollars in domestic real estate market.

Wachovia is expanding into other financial services sector. At the beginning of this year, the bank began a third-party asset management services. The future growth of the real estate and other financial service provider Wachovia, however, are closely tied to the economy.

“We are. Projects have seen a slowdown obviously, we have to stay longer drawing board,” said Slocum will be added. “However, New England, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania markets we. Check out also colorado bankruptcy faq. Are looking at the degradation of less than Southeast Asia. Have not seen any significant deterioration in the portfolio”

The top 25 direct lendersAre based on the responses to the questionnaire survey of top lenders and brokerage NREIranking of the top direct lenders, and was first announced in April 2002. List of the top direct lenders, reflects the total amount of funds during the calendar year 2001. Starting at page 67 of the second survey, you can rank the financial institutions and financial intermediaries, including mortgage broker or place a trade in 2001, has been promoted. The list, which includes other forms of more direct investment to the industrial loan company loans, credit lines, CMBS lending and direct. Check out also how a payday advance may prove useful.

A. USA / Bank of Bank of America Securities LLC
100 N. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28255
(704) 386-2278 Phone:
Fax: (704) 387-1710
Please refer to the Web site.
Officer: Executive Eugene J. Godbold, Jr., Real Estate Banking, Ron D. Sturzenegger, Managing Director, Hotel Real Estate Investment. G. Ellison George Bank, Managing Director, Global Structured Finance, Linda M. Fal, VP
$ 216 billion loan in 2001

Lehman Brothers 745 Seventh Avenue 2, New York, NY 10019
(212) 526-5191 Phone:
E-mail: Kcohenattolehman.Com
Officer: Richard Fuld, Jr. S., / CEO, Chairman, Joseph M. Gregory, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director / (CEO), Kenneth Cohen, Managing Director
$ 82 billion loan in 2001
$ 100 billion lending goal for 2002

3 Credit Suisse First Boston
* Total includes the amount of lending financial pillar
11 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010
(212) 325-2000 Phone:
Please refer to the Web site.
Officer: Managing director Steve Cantor to manage / CSFB, Robert Brennan, the director / CSFB, Kieran P. Quinn, / column, President, Darrell Moore, CFO / column
$ 64 billion loan in 2001

4 Goldman Sachs & Co.
85 Broad St., New York, NY 10004
(212) 902-1000 Phone:
Fax: (212) 902-3000
Please refer to the Web site.
Officer: Mark Weiss, Managing Director, Dan Sparks, Managing Director, Jeff Fast frame, Managing Director, Mark Buono, VP
$ 5.7 billion financing by region: loan in 2001:
$ 5 1.9 billion dollars in U.S. dollar West 428 700 000 532 200 000 southwest northeast southeast of $ 2.9 billion

5 UBS Warburg
1285 Avenue of America New York, NY 10019
(212) 713-8844 Phone:
Fax: (212) 713-2099
Officer: Brian Harris, Managing Director, Peter Smith, Exec. Director, Mark Warren, executive. Director
$ 4.8 billion in funding in some areas: financing in 2001:
$ 1 billion dollars in $ 500 million West southwest 400 million: $ 500 million Midwest Northeast southeast of $ 2.4 billion
$ 50 billion lending goal for 2002

Prudential Mortgage Capital Co., 6
100 Mulberry St., Newark floor G-4, 8, NJ 07102
(888) 263-6800 phone number:
Fax: (973) 367-8210
E-mail: Pru_mortgage-capitalattoprudential.Com
Please refer to the Web site.
Officers: David Durning David Twardock, President and CEO, Managing Director / origination, Amy Rubin, Director, Marketing & Promotions
$ 46 billion loan in 2001

7 Morgan Stanley
1585 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
(212) 761-6282 Phone:
Fax: (212) 761-3289
E-mail: @ Morganstanley.Com Fred.Harmeyer
Officers: John Westerfield, Managing Director, James Flaum, Managing Director, Fred Harmeyer, executive. Director
$ 42 billion loan in 2001
$ 45 billion lending goal for 2002

Wachovia Securities 8
University 301 S., Charlotte, NC 28288
(704) 383-6315 Phone:
E-mail: @ Wachovia.Com Brett.Smith
Please refer to the Web site.
Officer: Ben Williams, Managing Director, real estate and financial services, Bill Green, Managing Director Real Estate Capital Markets, said Brett Smith, managing director of origination and placement, housing loans, Jim Pierpont, VP / Corporate Communications
$ 41 billion loan in 2001

730 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017
(212) 916-4476 Phone:
Fax: (212) 916-6005
Officers: John H Biggs, president, / CEO president, Martin L. See Also title loans in ri. Leibowitz, / Chief Investment Officer, Vice Chairman, Joseph W grill, Senior Managing Director, mortgage, real estate, Clare Sheahan, in charge of public relations
$ 37 billion loan in 2001
$ 33 billion lending goal for 2002

Berkshire housing finance 10
Be One outlet, 14th floor, Boston, MA 02108
(617) 523-0066 Phone:
Fax: (617) 556-1507
E-mail: Contactusattobmfloan.Com
Please refer to the Web site.
Officer: Peter Donovan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ron Halpern, / COO President & CEO, President and CEO Brian L. Frazier, the Irvine, Tom Szydlowski, president, Boston, Scott Suttle, President, Bethesda
$ 3.5 billion financing by region: loan in 2001:
$ 13 billion U.S. dollars 208 million West Southwest $ 9.4 billion 327 million U.S. dollars southeast Midwest northeast $ 750 million
$ 29 billion lending goal for 2002

11 ARCS Commercial Mortgage LP (Ltd.)
269 01 Agoura Road, Suite 200
Calabasas, California 91301
(800) ASK-ARCS: phone
Fax: (818) 880-3330
E-mail: Infoattoarcscommercial.Com
Please refer to the Web site.
Officer: production, Arthur Nissman Howard Levine, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tim White, COO, Holli Leon, SVP, VP, Corporate Communications
$ 3.3 billion in funding in some areas: financing in 2001:
$ 17 billion U.S. dollars 370 million West Southwest $ 2.2 billion 450 million U.S. dollars southeast Midwest northeast U.S. dollars 530 million

12 PNC Real Estate Finance
249 Fifth Avenue, 19th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(800) 253-0005 Phone:
Fax: (412) 768-5297
E-mail: Realestateinfoattopnc.Com
Please refer to the Web site.
Andy Siwulec, President: Suzanne Andres officer, marketing manager
$ 32 billion fund in 2001
$ 30 billion lending goal for 2002

13 National City Corp.
1900 E Ninth St., Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 222-2332 Phone:
Fax: (216) 222-9650
Officers: Cho Kenneth M. Goetz, Exec is. VP / Business Line Manager
$ 29 billion loan in 2001

Bear Stearns & Company, Inc. 14
383 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10179
(212) 272-7918 Phone:
Fax: (212) 272-7047
E-mail: Choeffelattobear.Com
Please refer to the Web site.
Officer: J. Christopher Hoeffel, Senior Managing Director, Jeff Taschler, Managing Director
$ 2.8 billion in funding in some areas: financing in 2001:
$ 6.98 billion U.S. dollars 324 million West southwest $ 3.74 billion U.S. dollars 317 million Midwest Northeast southeast of $ 1.1 billion
$ 36 billion lending goal for 2002

Lend lease real estate investments 15
700 N. Pearl St., Suite 2400
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 953-7923 Phone:
Fax: (214) 953-7703
Please refer to the Web site.
Officer: Donnie M. Skidmore, president, Edward L. Hurley, Managing Principal, Boyd Johnson, principal, debt advisory group, Frank Creamer, Managing Principal
$ 24 billion loan in 2001

* 16 key commercial real estate
Cleveland public square 127, OH 44114
(888) KEY-2221: phone number
E-mail: George_emmonsattokeybank.Com
Please refer to the Web site. / CRE
Officer: George Emmons, executive. Commercial Mortgage VP / National Manager, Christine Cerny, / SVP Chief Administrative Officer, John Case, Senior Managing Director / Key, Laurie Masters, Marketing Manager / VP
Funding by region: $ 2 billion fund in 2001:
$ 5.28 billion U.S. dollars 417 million West southwest $ 4.35 billion U.S. dollars 407 million southeast Midwest northeast $ 263 million
$ 27 billion lending goal for 2002

* Must be the sum of the correct original $ 7.2 billion. The revised figure, reflecting the data that was provided to NREI after it is issued.

17 GE Capital Real Estate
292 Longridge Road, Stamford, CT 06927
(888) GE-FIRST: phone
Fax: (203) 357-4475
Please refer to the Web site.
Officer: Michael E. Pralle, / CEO President & CEO, Mr. Dan Smith, Managing Director, Principal Capital Group, North America, Joan Ravi, SVP Marketing
$ 1.9 billion financing by region: loan in 2001:
575.6 million U.S. dollars: U.S. dollars 96.8 million U.S. dollars southwest West 424800000: Midwest U.S. dollars 560 300 000 231 500 000 U.S. dollars southeast northeast
$ 23 billion lending goal for 2002

18 Red Capital Group
150 E. Geisento, 22 floor Columbus, Ohio 43215
(800) 837-5100 Phone:
Fax: (614) 857-1660
E-mail: Financingattoredcapitalgroup.Com
Please refer to the Web site.
WM: Officers. E. Roberts, CEO / President (CEO), Red Capital Group, David L. Goodman, CEO / President (CEO), Red loan Capital Corporation, Linda L. Check out also title loan killeen tx. Machov, director
$ 18 billion loan in 2001

19 Credit Lyonnais
1301 Sixth Avenue.
New York, NY 10019
(212) 261-7854 Phone:
Fax: (212) 261-3830
E-mail: @ Clamericas.Com Jim.Fitzgerald
Officers: JR Fitzgerald, SVP, Ron Krolick, Managing Director, Jack Confusione, VP first
$ 1.4 billion financing by region: loan in 2001:
$ 10 billion U.S. dollars 400 million International: $ 800 million U.S. dollars northeast southeast West 200000000
$ 20 billion lending goal for 2002

Fremont investment loan of 20
175 N. River Dr., Anaheim, CA 92808
(714) 283-6500 Phone:
Fax: (714) 283-6555
Please refer to the Web site.
Officer: Thomas White cell, SVP
$ 1.35 billion funding in some areas: financing in 2001:
645 million U.S. dollars: U.S. dollars 85 million West Nansei $ 1.6 billion U.S. dollars one hundred million Midwest: $ 360 million Northeast Southeast Asia

21 Capri Capital LP
1655 N. Fort Myer Dr., Arlington, VA 22209
(703) 243-5100 Phone:
Fax: (703) 525-4323
E-mail: Infoattocapricapital.Com
Please refer to the Web site.
Officer: J. Daryl Carter, co-chairman. Quintin E. Primo, co-chairman, Patrick J. Colliton, executive. VP Robert L. Moore, Jr., Vice Chairman
$ 13 billion loan in 2001
$ 12 billion lending goal for 2002

21 Wells Fargo Commercial Mortgage Group
45 Fremont Street, 9th Floor San Francisco, California 94163
(415) 396-6616 Phone:
Fax: (415) 975-7813
Please refer to the Web site. www.wellsfargo /
Officer: Ed Blakey, executive. VP / Managing Director, Jim McDevitt, SVP, Origination Manager, Julie Forsyth, VP / Director of Marketing
$ 1.3 billion financing by region: loan in 2001:
855.5 million U.S. dollars: U.S. dollars U.S. dollars southwest 134,600,000 136,700,000 West: 69.9 million U.S. dollars southeast Midwest northeast 95.4 million U.S. dollars

23 real estate loans of the United States
Forty-three of St. 6 E., New York, NY 10017
(212) 850-4200 Phone:
Fax: (212) 850-4216
Please refer to the Web site.
Officer: Alan Wiener, chairman, Art Habighorst, President & CEO
$ 12 billion fund in 2001

23 iStar Financial Inc.
1114 Avenue of America New York, NY 10036
(212) 930-9400 Phone:
Fax: (212) 930-9455
E-mail: Customersattoistarfinancial.Com
Please refer to the Web site.
Officers: Jay Sugarman, CEO / President (CEO), Mr. Spencer B. Haber, / CFO President, Jeffrey R. Digel, Executive. Investment VP /, Roger M. Cozzi, executive. Investment VP /, Andrew C. Richardson, SVP / Capital Markets, Lianne A. Merchant, VP / marketing
$ 1.2 billion financing by region: funds in 2001:
223.2 million U.S. dollars: U.S. dollars 147.7 million U.S. dollars southwest West 312100000: Midwest U.S. dollars 279 million U.S. dollars 271.5 million southeast northeast

25 CDC Capital Mortgage Corporation
9 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019
(212) 891-5700 Phone:
Fax: (212) 891-5777
Please refer to the Web site.
Marketing Coordinator Brook Payner, Managing Director, Scott Zucker, Managing Director, Agna Brayshaw, Advertising and Officer:
$ 1 billion in funding in some areas: financing in 2001:
$ 2 billion U.S. dollars 200 million West: $ 250 million southeast Midwest northeast $ 350 million . Check out also fast loans in alaska